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LIVE CASINO: 5 Tips to Win Dragon Tiger Online

Dragon Tiger Online game is very similar to Casino War and Baccarat online game. It follows the baccarat betting system and has a base of Casino War. It is played with only two cards, each have betting place of Tiger or Dragon. This game is as easy to play and it was first introduced in Cambodia and it is very popular in Asia. It can be played at many online casinos and players love it because of the speed and simplicity of the game. It is also a favorite of streak bettors, who often follow each winning hand on a score pad and bet accordingly.

Dragon Tiger is played with Standard English decks of 52 cards. No jokers or wild cards are used, and the game is most often dealt from a blackjack shoe holding six or eight decks. Unlike most casino games, Dragon Tiger players do not play against the dealer. Instead, like baccarat, the object of the game is to correctly choose which hand, either the Dragon or the Tiger, will receive the highest card. Unlike baccarat, where the player or banker draws additional cards, Dragon Tiger is actually closer to the game of Casino War, as just a single card is deal to the Dragon spot and then one to the Tiger spot. No additional cards are drawn.

Those players who just want to play the game without using strategy or calculating the card, the best option is to stick to the Dragon and Tiger bets. The home advantage for this bet is 3.73% and that is the lowest of all possible bets.

Just bet if you think that a Dragon or Tiger hand will have a higher ranking card. This bet pays even money.

Strategy counting card is perfect for Dragon Tiger Game Online

Simplicity of the game and the fact that very small cards are dealt with each deal makes it easier to calculate the card and track how many small or how many large cards have been managed and others. Most importantly, you can see how many 7 have been dealt with, because no matter what you do, if 7 is withdrawn, you lose your bets.

You can say that Dragon Tiger is a game where fate is the biggest factor, and that’s true, but that does not mean there is no way to play strategically.

The best way to track is to see which suitability is most addressed, indicating that the best bet for this strategy is betting. For example, calculate how many suitcases are being played and how many decks are used.

If your estimates show that after some time the club suit is played at least afterwards, your best bet is to bet on the clubs.

Betting on TIE on Dragon Tiger is the worst choice

Betting there to make you a lot of money, as it pays 8 to 1. It may seem very attractive, but it is best to avoid it because the home tip at this bet is 32.77%.

Computation is easy. Of all the possible 86,320 hand combinations, only 6,488 results are bonds, so there are actually 79,872 cases where you can lose. This makes it very clear that string bets are one of the more difficult bets in Dragon Tiger.

Better betting is even worse: only 1,456 results can be equated with a tie.