Play Poker Online Malaysia

How to Play Live Online Poker?

Is there a way to play online poker for beginners? A question that could have just come up, much less on social media or youtube, that winning online poker up to tens of millions is common. No wonder the more days the search keywords for how to play online poker are greatly increased on Google searches and this shows there are still many who do not understand this exciting card game.

Live Online Poker itself has often been featured in films where excitement occurs when fellow online poker players drop each other before heading to the final round of the game. The concept of attacking, snapping and fighting strategy in playing online poker is a major advantage compared to other types of card games.

Playing poker online or at the casino, both use the same card, namely “Playing Card” (poker card) where 1 deck contains 52 cards with 4 types of suits (groups / flowers) where each suit has a card value starting from As ( 1) to King (13).

Level of Cards in Playing Poker

Poker cards recognize 4 suits / types / groups and 2 colors on the cards starting from the highest spade suit ♠ (black spade), heart ♥ (heart-red), club ♣ (curly-black) and diamond ♦ (diamond-red) . This suit explains how if two cards meet with the same value then the one that is pitted is the type of card or suit with the spade as the highest followed by the heart, curly and diamond.

On online poker sites there are 2 types of poker, Texas Holdem and Omaha Holdem. Both have the same level of card arrangement rules as classic poker games, namely:

Royal Flush

Arrangement of the 5 highest cards with suit spades starting from the value of card 10 ♠, J ♠, Q ♠, K ♠, As ♠. The Royal Flush is the culmination of a sequence of poker cards. One of the advantages of playing poker online is the opportunity to get a jackpot if the composition of this card is owned by a player.

Straight Flush

Card values ‚Äč‚Äčthat must have the same and sequential suit such as 2 ♥, 3 ♥, 4 ♥, 5 ♥, 6 ♥. If there is an arrangement of cards that is the same as the opponent, the winner is determined by the type of card suit. Straight Flush can also get jackpots in online poker games as long as you don’t forget to buy a jackpot in that game.

Four of A Kind

If there are 4 cards with the same value as 5 ♠, 5 ♣, 5 ♥, 5 ♦ then the arrangement of the 5 poker cards is called the Four of A Kind with levels that only lose to Straight Flush and Royal Flush. If you buy a jackpot then this type of card also gets jackpots in online games.

Full house

Having a three of a kind card and a pair of pairs (one pair), the Full House card is enough to have a decent amount of power to clash with the opponent’s card. If two full house poker arrangements collide, then the winner is determined by the value of the three of a kind arrangement they have.


The name Flush is for 5 cards that have the same suit as 6 ♦, 9 ♦, 4 ♦, K ♦, 8 ♦. In playing poker online, if there are two sets of cards in the same suit, the largest value in the arrangement of 5 cards is determined.


5 consecutive cards in numbers regardless of suit type like 4 ♥, 5 ♦, 6 ♦, 7 ♣, 8 ♠. Straight is determined by the size of the order in positions 10, J, Q, K, As as the highest order. Facing the same straight card arrangement as the opponent, the biggest value of the 5 card arrangement is taken as the winner.

Three of A Kind

If in the arrangement of 5 poker cards there are three cards with the same number and 2 cards that are different then the order of this poker card can still beat the level of the Two-Pairs card (two pairs).

Two Pairs

Has two pairs of cards for example 8 ♠, 8 ♥, 5 ♠, 5 ♦, 9 ♥ are called two-pairs 8 (take the largest number). If two-pairs 8 meet with another two pairs, then the value in the next pair (in this example 5) determines the winner. But if you have the same two-pairs, the winner is determined by the value of the remaining unit cards (in this example 9 ♥).

One pair

Even though it is in the lowest position does not mean one-pair can’t do much. In online poker, when the first two cards are dealt with, a pair card (one pair / one pair) is formed so that the player will generally be very confident. This confidence can make the opposing players feel afraid even though the cards have not been shared.

High Card

If the 5 cards do not have any equality, the value of the card is the highest unit card value.

For more details, you can see the picture of the position of the hand-poker ranking below:

This poker card level arrangement applies internationally both in casino games or online through poker gambling sites on the internet.

Terms and Rules for How to Play Online Poker

The following are some terms that are often used in playing poker and of course there are also actions / procedures for playing trusted online poker that must be known in advance, namely:

Dealer: the person in charge of distributing the card and if at the casino, the dealer gets a commission from each round of cards distributed to the player. Dealers are not bookies and only have the duty to serve poker games between players.

Pot: the place where poker players put their bet chips. Usually the pot position is determined in the middle of the game table so that all players can witness

Chip: a substitute for money used in betting with the same value as the prevailing currency. Each player must have a minimum of chips to be able to participate in the online poker table.

Community Cards: position cards arranged in the middle of the game table and shared by the dealer in the open / visible card position. Community Cards are community arrangements that can be combined by all players.

Every online poker player or casino has the same opportunity to determine steps or strategy in playing. The following are steps / actions or rules that are permitted, namely:

Check: if there is no betting value running then this action allows a player not to do anything and pass (pass) to the next player.Call: when the value of the bet has been determined and is running, the player takes a call to follow the bet value by placing the bet chip on the pot.

Raise: if the bet is already running, the player has the right to take a raise to increase the number of bets. When an action raise is taken then another player who has not equaled the amount of the stake will be given the opportunity.

Fold: this action is used when a player is sure to give up or leave the game. By taking the fold means that all the chips at stake will be considered defeated.

All-In; make bets with all existing chips. When a player makes an All-In then the player has the right to participate until the final round of the game.
The provisions of the above rules apply to all types of online poker games and this rule applies equally to the casino or through online poker sites. At some online poker tables there are rules that apply such as determining the smallest bet value or minimum chip value that must be owned when you want to join. So paying attention to this before playing poker online is very important.