Black Jack Card Deck

Online Blackjack Betting Strategy

Blackjack, do everyone knows How to Play?

Sure, you can sit down to play Blackjack in Malaysia Online Casino and just throw your money around. But, do you know that you might lose money even if you have more hands than you lose? Before playing Blackjack, it’s best to come up with a battle plan. You need to attack the game.

Today, I’ll show you an attack plan. It is a progressive system (or ladder) that changes your bets almost every hand. This is not a plan that increases your bets when you lose because that’s the wrong way to do something. Instead, we will increase the wager with every winning hand.

You need to make decisions about numbers and how many developments to use. I’ll give you a guide to get started. Let’s imagine you have RM 100 to play with. You have to play RM 2- RM 5 hands normally. So, we’ll start our start at RM 5.

This plan is easy. When you lose, the next hand is RM 5. You will not increase your bet after losing your hand. Instead, you restart. When you win, you will improve your hands as follows:

5 – 10 – 20 – 40 – 80

I have set five levels. If you win five consecutive hands, instead of having RM 25, you’ll end up with RM 160 or more-blackjack. However, if you lose say five in a row, you only lose RM 25.

If you are a very conservative player, drop it to level 3 or 4. Even at level 3, you can still charge RM 40 instead of RM 15.

Double Blackjack

Double-fold, that’s the call you need to make based on your bankroll. Imagine you have won your first four hands. You have RM 80 on the table and receive 11. If you duplicate it is a bad move. Why? Adding RM 80 means your whole bankroll is in one hand. Reduce it and go home. Not smart.

However, say it later in the game and your bankroll is now RM 500 or more. Adding RM 80, which is a profit at the moment, may be a good gamble. It’s a momentary decision.

No matter how you play it, do not ever risk most or all of your bankroll on any single hand. Additionally, if you wake up with 2-3 times your original bankroll, place the original amount in your pocket and make sure you leave the casino with it.

Blackjack and gambling can be fun, but the strategy ensures you maximize your chances of winning and returning cash.