Dragon and Tiger Online Games Strategy

Strategy on How to Play Dragon & Tiger Game Online

In this article we will discuss about How to Play Dragon Tiger Game Online, possibilities and strategies, which we can use in this game.


Dragon Tiger game is very easy online game. Basically the same as in a baccarat game with 2 cards only.

To be more specific, two cards are drawn, one to a dragon and one to a tiger. Which bet is higher. There are also some proposition bets on individual cards. Dragon Tiger Game Online is rumored to be found in the online casino Cambodia.


Any number of standard decks can be used. For this analysis, I would consider eight.

The cards occupy a place in poker, unless the aces are always low.

A single card is given to each Dragon and Player hands.

The main bet is where to get a higher card.

Other proposals are available, as will be explained below.

Betting on Dragon or Tiger

Betting on Dragon and Tiger will win if the selected section gets a higher card. Tie or draw lose half. Please check the table below.

Events Paying Variable Possibilities Return
Win 1 39,936 0.462651 0.462651
Tie -0.5 6,448 0.074699 -0.037349
Lost -1 39,936 0.462651 -0.462651
Total 86,320 1.000000 -0.037349


Tie betting will win if the Dragon and Tiger cards are equal to the rank. Win 8 to 1. The following table shows the advantages of online casinos as much as 32.77%.

Event Paying Variable Possibilities Return
Win 8 6,448 0.074699 0.597590
Lost -1 79,872 0.925301 -0.925301
Total 86,320 1.000000 -0.327711

The hypothesis, here is what an online casino has to offer in the Tie match with various pay variants from 8-12-1.

Benefits of TIE betting on online casinos

Paying Possible

Paying Possibilities
12 2.89%
11 10.36%
10 17.83%
9 25.30%
8 32.77%

Big or Small

Players can bet whether certain cards will end or under seven. If the card is exactly seven, then the bet will be lost. Win the money on betting. The following table shows the advantages of online casinos of 7.69%.

Events Paying Variable Possibilities Return
Win 1 192 0.461538 0.461538
Loss -1 224 0.538462 -0.538462
Total 416 1.000000 -0.076923

Advice to play dragon tiger game

For non-playing counters, I will stick to the Dragon and Tiger bets as they offer the lowest online casino advantage. Please note that the possibilities are better at baccarat. Counters will not have trouble noticing that big, small, and big bets will be highly considered.