Tips to Win in Online Fish Shooting Games

In this article we as an Online Fish Shooting also known as Tembak Ikan in Malay word we want to discuss about a famous fish shooting game in Malaysia at this time.

The game of shooting fish games (Tembak Ikan Malaysia) is already familiar to bettors in Malaysia and in Asia where players will meet players in this shooting arena because inside can face instantly because the variety of games is a multiplayer system for 4 players.

Displaying colorful images as if we were under the sea with lots of fish and animals on the ocean floor that would make players more interested and addicted to playing fish shooting  (Tembak Ikan Malaysia) and easy to carry anywhere.

To receive a large Jackpot, a system is needed in this fish shooting game because it is possible that in this shooting game the fish (Tembak Ikan Malaysia) will fight each other for fish with other players. In contrast to other online gambling, this game of shooting fish requires special skills or techniques in the game because it is possible that with techniques that are still in the learning stage, you just spend the bullets in vain without any points obtained.

The method of winning the fish shoot game that we are going to share is free of charge so that the shooting gambling game player is more understanding and easy to win and this fish shooting game offers a very simple game that can be played by anyone even though he is a beginner. It seems that this game is very easy to win but without certain skills/techniques you will only spend useless coins or lose. The following is the winning fish shooting game system that we will share as follows:

Choose big fish to be your target in this game, in this game you will see a variety of fish from small to large fish, and choose your target for large fish to be able to receive very large points so that Your credit / balance will go up fast and automatically your credit / balance will be withdrawn.

Shoot the fish in succession and right on the target, Indeed, in the game of shooting fish (Tembak Ikan Malaysia) requires a lot of coins to be able to shoot fish that are in a row in a row, but you are not from shooting the fish, because if your target does not hit the target, your points will reduced, the purpose of shooting fish in a row is to keep the fish firmly dead.

Focus on a golden and dark green frog. It should be reminded that this golden or dark green frog often appears and if you focus on turning it off you will receive a pretty large jackpot from the frog.

Shoot large fish surrounded by small fish, It is meant to shoot a large fish surrounded by small fish which means that if you are shooting a big fish and the target misses the possibility of your bullet going on a small fish and you will receive points even if the points are small . You could say a bonus too, rather than throwing a bullet down the drain and you don’t receive anything.

When using the bullet when it is right, use bullets at the right time sometimes there is a chance for gold to issue bullets because to strengthen your shot to make the fish die and to receive points.

Move your table / sitting area, this method is applied if you are less fortunate to sit in a position when you are playing now and look for luck on another table so you can win this game and receive lots of coins.

Play casually, In this game the key to victory is playing relaxed without haste and pressure must win.

Because you are in a hurry then you cannot enjoy the game and you will lose more, so our suggestion is to sit quietly and relax to enjoy the game and consistently concentrate on the fish that will be your target.

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