Tutorial: How to Place Bet on AFB88

Guide and Tutorial How to Install AFB88 – AFB88 Bets Here is a Tutorial on Sportsbook guides for playing soccer bets online on the AFB88 site for those of you who are beginners in making soccer bets online at the AFB88 website.

As for here we will explain in detail how to make online soccer bets from the beginning until you submit the party that you will install, all of which we summarize in the Sportsbook Tutorial: How to Install Soccer Bets in AFB88.

But beforehand you must first have an account for the AFB88 website, if you do not have an AFB88 account please register first by contacting our CS via livechat or by clicking the following link to register and make sure in the product column you choose AFB88.

After you get the ID, you can already place a bet, but you have to top up your credit first. Click here to make a deposit.

To access the AFB88 website you can visit http://www.afboffers.com and the following AFB88 member website display:

AFB88 Sports Betting Malaysia

On the left side there is a menu of choices in the form of the types of sports that you can choose there are sports in Football, Basketball, Tennis, Financial and others. In this sportsbook tutorial we will discuss football matches as an example.

In football itself there are a number of game choices, some of which are called HDP & O / U (running) which are handicap and over-under games in the running game, above we can see there is a match between Stoke City vs. Manchester United that is running.

There are still many types of games that we can play like Mix Parlay, namely choosing three parties or more in one installation, there is also a game of 1 × 2 which means we have to choose whether Home (1) wins, Away (2) wins or Draw results (x) , there are also odd / even games which are guessing the number of goals that are created whether even or odd.

Next, for example, we will discuss the match between Stoke City vs Manchester United whose matches are running:

AFB88 sportsbook Malaysia

In the picture above we can see that Stoke here acts as the host or home while Manchester City acts as a guest or away.

79 min is the time of the match that is running and entering the 79th minute, and 1-1 above is a temporary score.

The team with the color name of the red team is the team giving hdp (which gives fur).

The value of the odds that are red and the minus sign is the Team which if lost then the value paid is the odds multiplied by the number installed.

The black odds value is a team that if lost must pay according to the number placed while if it wins then it will only be paid for the amount that is placed multiplied by the odds.

There are 3 fur (you are free to choose which fur you feel).

For red numbers, if the win will be paid according to the pair, if you lose you have to pay according to the multiplication of the market or odd. As for black numbers, if you win, you are paid according to the multiplication of odds, whereas if you lose then you have to pay according to your partner.
One example like this:

0-0.5 = fur 1/4
0.5 = fur 1/2
0.5-1 = fur 3/4
1-1.5 = fur 1 1/4

Well above, there are 3 markets on your own, whether you will choose MU, which gives Fur 1/4 or choose which gives fur 0.5 even you can choose the market 0-0 or without giving fur.

For HDP (handicap), O / U (Over / Under)

Hitam Meaning: If you lose your pay according to what you bet, if you win you get money depending on the odds.

For example odds, the odds are 0.460 -> bet 100rb. If you win you can get 100 x 0.460 = 46 billion, if you lose 100%.

Red Meaning: If we win we will get money according to what we bet, but if we lose pay according to the odds. For example odds, the odds are -0,520 -> bet 100bb. If you lose out 100 x 0.520 = 52,000, if you win we are paid 100 thousand.

HDP (Handicap)

Under the HDP column is the fur, which is 0-0.5. The furry team is always red. Whereas next to fur there is a number of 0.460 in the home column and -0.520 in the away column, meaning that our Stoke bet wins will only get o.460 multiplied by the number we put & in the away column there is a number -0.520, meaning Manchester United bet we win paid full but if we lose then we only pay 0.520 times the amount we put up.

Example: We want to bet Manchester United (R) 100rb, just click -0.520 then enter 100 in the column that appears.

For example the results of the match remain 1-1 because the fur is 0-0.5, then we lose half because MU must score at least 1 goal.

The calculation: (100 x 0.520) / 2 = 26
* If the match results are won by MU (R) with a difference of 1 goal or more, then we win full, which is 100 thousand.


Over Under, under the O / U column there is a rate / fur for O / U which is 2.5. That is, if you bet Over, the match results must be above 3 goals (4,5,6 etc.).
Whereas if you bet under, bankrupt with over. total goals should not be more than 2, if the number of goals is 2, then we win.

If the O / U is 3.50:

The final result is 3 goals -> play under Win, play over Lose

For interest calculation, it is the same as HDP.

So much of our information about how to place an afb88 bet. hopefully it can be useful for beginners to place bets on AFB88.