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Tips for Online Fishing Shooting or Tembak Ikan Malaysia

Tembak Ikan Games Online Shooting Malaysia is another game provided by SCR888 Casino Malaysia where fishing shoot games or known fish hunter is known to require a bit of knowledge about the game and special skills to be able to make malaysia online jackpot out into our hands.

Ocean King 2 game The Malaysian Online Fish Shooting game – The latest Monster’s Revenge and can be played in 918Kiss with an online fish firing list where an 8-player fish shoot game has become a favorite game among players who love the game Ocean King’s previous achievements.

The main component of the game is the use of a 55-inch LCD screen that supports 3D HD graphics that give new colors and feelings to the game’s character and level and add details and tranquility. The game is very interesting and full of action and equally fun for people who watch the game and who are playing this game. Each level provides new and different challenges that make this game interesting in every level.

New Features of Tembak Ikan Online (Ocean King 2) Malaysia

Shoot fish malaysia Ocean King 2 (Shoot Fish) has retained many original game features including Overlord Whale, Chain Lightning and other online fish shoot games. There are many characters from the previous game, roughly in 16 forms. There are several small games, characters and special features that have been incorporated into Ocean King 2 so that malaysian shooter AFBOFFERS can complete the package. With the same game controller and new effects, Ocean King player will find it very common to play a new version of this online fish shoot as well.

Tips for Online Fish Shooting/Tembak IkanĀ  Online Malaysia (Ocean King 2)

Tips and tips for playing malaysian fish in AFBOFFERS to win the Joker123. Among the characters that returned to the optional Ocean King 2 (Shoot Fish) players are the Snapper and Whale Killer fish. Together with returning characters, players can also choose to play with newly introduced characters such as Giant Fish and Dragon Fire.

New features make the game even more perfect. BOSS is an eye opener for everyone who wants to play Ocean King 2: Monster Revenge. This new feature uses the four previously mentioned characters into the game. All characters can be selected by the player when they turn on the game. And with the new temperament, there is a new weapon.

Tembak Ikan Slots Malaysia

Ocean King 2 (Shoot Fish) has three great weapons that can be used by players at any level level and game levels along with the usual Gun Tube, Lock Gun and Fish Net. This new weapon is perfect for getting bigger fish and has a lot of time to catch it. The current weapon is:

Bor Cannon – ricochets cannon around the big screen of the game which can cause great damage to everything before and then will stop moving to break.

Flamestrike De-Buff – A weapon that will appear in the poem and comes with the period in which the player must use it to gain continuity of the catching or multiple scores to kill or capture fish.

Chain Explosion Crab – This is the new version of Old Crab with three similar epidemic and pace. With a maximum credit of x10, this weapon can defeat all the fish around it.